Friday, 7 June 2019

Lugacurren Megalithic Tomb, Laois

A short spin today to locate the Megalithic Tomb at Lugacurren. This tomb is either a Bronze age Cist (Kist) or part of a larger complex of several Cists which have since been destroyed. In the 1800's it was surrounded by other Cist's and several standing stones.

Lugacurren Cist

None of these other relics survive today which is a great shame. When I got here (about a Kilometre uphill from the junction at Lugacurren) I wandered up and down the road for quite a while looking for the tomb. It was invisible and buried deep beneath brambles and nettles. 

Megalithic Laois

I spent 20 minutes pulling weeds and Ivy off it. It is badly neglected and unsigned unfortunately.


 Considering the scarcity of Megalithic structures in Laois I have no idea why it isn't looked after and signposted. This structure may well be over 4000 years old.

Church Ruin

 My cycle also took in Kilmurray just behind Chicken Byrne hill where I came across a 16th Century Church ruin in someone's garden, very unusual.

Ballaun Stone in Laois

 Coming from Kilmurray towards the Heath I came across what seem's to be a Bullaun stone at the roadside by the entrance to a house. I presume it's a Bullaun as the Architectural Inventory of Ireland has one listed around this location. This particular stone has several depressions in it.

Rathdaire Church

 I later passed Rathdaire Church (Church of the Ascension) which was built as a memorial Church by Cornelia Adair for "Black Jack" John George Adair, a most unloved character to say the least. This Church is described as Hiberno Romanesque and was built in 1883.

The detail in the doorway is outstanding.
It looks like a mixture of Scandanavian Urnes and Celtic La Téne at the Doorway and Arch.

Rathdaire Church

Adair built Glenveagh Castle in Donegal and by all accounts seems to have been the most hated man in that County for the forced evictions of his tenants. Mind you, he seems to have been a controversial figure wherever he went although it's difficult to cast an unbiased judgement on a historical figure from the past. His legacy here in Laois is the stunning little Church in Rathdaire.

Rathdaire Church

 A memorial stone for him in Donegal was destroyed and at Ballybrittas Laois, close to the Church, Belgrove House, an Adair family residence (built between 1835/40) was burned to the ground in 1887.

Rathdaire Church

Cist (Kist)

Keep the wheels turning....