Monday, 12 October 2020

Saint Brigids Stone, a Laois Bullaun Stone.

Saint Brigids Stone.

In the Laois townland of Ballybuggy south of Rathdowney and hidden away in lush green and grassy fields lies Saint Brigids Stone. 

It is a large Bullaun Stone standing in an upright position with a single depression.

Saint Brigids Stone, Ballybuggy, Laois.

The site was believed at one time to be a Ringfort on which a later "Nunnery" Church was constructed dedicated to Saint Brigid. 

There is a single piece of carved limestone from a window which is lying inside the later graveyard which seems to be all that remains on site from any buildings of earlier times.

Saint Brigids Stone, Ballybuggy, Laois.

Just outside the graveyard and to the north is Saint Brigids Stone. It can be easily overlooked because its view is partially hidden by thickets of Blackberrry thorn.

Saint Brigids Stone

The graveyard itself lies across a field and the entry is marked by a red Iron gateway with a small Cross on top. 

Judging from occasional records it would appear that Ballybuggy was an important if small local site.

Saint Brigids Bullaun Stone, Laois

Various archaeological interpretations suggest an extended period of habitation and ritual in the area although today at first glance it may seem remote and rural. 

A tranquil spot easily accessable it is well worth a visit just to see Saint Brigids stone.

Saint Brigids Bullaun Stone, Laois

Saint Brigids Bullaun Stone standing upright and alone at Ballybuggy in Laois.

Saint Brigids Bullaun Stone, Laois

Co-ordinates here : 

52°50'26.4"N 7°36'25.0"W

52.840664 - 7.606932