Saint Munna's, Crookedwood, Westmeath

Saint Munna's Church


Taghmon Church

Saint Munna's Fortified Church lies less than 2 Kms outside Crookedwood (R394) in  County Westmeath on the L1618 in a beautiful area filled with gently sloping Drumlins and outstanding scenery.


It is also known as Taghmon Church however it is not to be confused with the more recent Taughmon Church which is where I initially ended up in error (if you end up here like me just head for Crookedwood and then turn right and uphill onto the L1618).


There is both the spelling Taghmon and Taughmon in use around the area which confused me a little.

Saint Munnas Church

Saint Munna (died A.D. 634)  was associated with Taghmon in Wexford  as well, where he also established a Church. The fortified Church on the present site dates from the mid 15th century and was established on the site of an earlier 7th century Monastery.


As with many Irish Saints he is also known by a second monicker, Saint Fintan.

Taughmon, Westmeath

The present building is an impressive sight and it's easily confused as a small Castle or fortification due to the nature of its tower and crenelations. 

Sheela na gig, Taghmon Church

There is a Sheela na gig on the outside and a tower structure and enclosure directly across the road from the Church. Most likely the tower and the walled enclosure opposite were once part and parcel of the same site but the road divides them today and the tower and walled enclosure are on private land with a wired up locked gate. Both appear to be unfortunately falling into disrepair and dilapidation. A blocked up archway can be made out on the wall in the field opposite.


Unknown to me when I visited there is a house beside the ruin which acts as keyholder and you can knock and get the key. I should have read the information plaque fully before leaving.


From the Church there is a fine example of a Motte and Baily to be clearly seen on a nearby hill but I didn't have time to take a closer look.


Taghmon Church Westmeath

Taghmon Medieval Church