Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Skirk Standing Stone, Laois

The backroads around Newtown Skirk are a nice area to cycle, nice and quiet with little traffic on the small Boreens.

Skirk Standing Stone

There are at least 2 Standing Stones at Skirk one of which I have visited and which is about 3 metres tall.

Skirk Standing Stone

At first glance from a distance it looks tiny because it sits in the middle of a "Henge cum Motte" surrounded by tall briars and weeds.

Skirk Standing Stone

It's well worth taking the time to have a closer look at the Stone. Funerary items and burial Urns found at the location suggest it's associated with the Bronze age.

Newtown Skirk Standing Stone

Another hidden Megalith in Laois.... With so few in the County I often wonder why Laois hasn't come up with a decent strategy and some joined up thinking with local landowners in order to better promote its more ancient prehistoric heritage.

henge at Skirk

The site where the Stone stands was initially presumed to be a Henge where rituals were held. It was later transformed into a Motte for a castle. Just 100 metres away is a medieval Church and a later 1700's Church.

Skirk Standing Stone

That's indicative of continuous human use throughout several millennia and as such would be a great area for story board interpretation. It would be nice if antiquities such at this were easily accessible to the public.

Google Coordinates below :

52°54'48.8"N 7°39'34.9"W

52.913551, -7.659705