Sunday, 7 April 2019

Saint Manchan, Boher, Liss, Ballycumber and Raheen Offaly.

This week has been a washout for Cycling, just two spins on the Turbo versus nearly 500 Kms last week. There's just no consistency but what can you do? Anyway I was off to Raheen today and Ballycumber and Boher to see The Shrine of Saint Manchan, a 7th century Saint.

The Shrine is a reliquary which contains some of the Saints bones. It is exquisite and a copy of it is in the National Museum of Archaeology in Dublin but thankfully the original is closer to home in Boher, Offaly.

There are also some beautiful windows from Harry Clark who was an internationally recognised craftsman of Stained Glass windows.


Anyway enough here as I will do a full page post on Boher, Saint Manchan and Raheen later.