Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Founder of the GAA

 The founder of Ireland's most historical sporting organisation, the Gaelic Athletic Association or GAA for short, was a man called Michael Cusack. 

He was born in Carron in the Burren of County Clare.

There are many local attractions close by to Carron and the area is outstanding in its natural beauty.

Oughtmama, Roscromroe, Temple Cronan and Dysert O'Dea are just a few of the many historical sights which are to be found in this area and well worth locating and visiting.

 There is a memorial plaque at the small Church in Carron which is often passed by or overlooked.

There is also a Michael Cusack Centre in Clare of which I can provide no information other than a link to its Website here   Michael Cusack Centre

By all accounts Michael Cusack was an interesting and courageous individual, traits which are sadly missing from those who today would claim to be our contemporary leaders.


The Gaelic Athletic Association  itself was officially founded by Cusack along with others at Hayes Hotel at Thurles in Tipperary. 

There is a small Plaque commemorating the event on the wall of the Hotel. 

Clare Library - Michael Cusack