Saturday, 21 August 2021

Laois Bike Accident Map

 I came across this map of recorded bicycle accidents where cars and motorised vehicles had collided with a bicycle.

Laois Bike Accident Map

It's sad to say but Cars, Trucks, Lorries, Buses and assorted motorised vehicles are still travelling to close to cyclists and pedestrians. 

I've even had an ambulance of all vehicles passing too fast and too close for comfort. That's a sad reflection on the abilities and care that drivers possess.

While I was going up a steep hill the ambulance was flying down it in the opposite direction. 

If I stopped and pulled off the road I would have serious difficulty clipping back into the pedals on such a steep incline. The ambulance driver obviously saw me from a distance. 

He or she kept descending at speed and basically must have been thinking to themselves "get the F**k outta my way cyclist". Shocking stuff as it hurtled past me just inches away at huge speed as it came down Wolftrap mountain like a Bat out of Hell.

That's just a single example of many close calls, close passing, near T-boning and skidding around taking evasive action to avoid collisions. It's a regular occurrence and I'm actually glad my children don't cycle. It would scare the sh*te out of me to think of them on the road when I knew all to well what they would encounter by way of dangerous driving.

It just goes to show that there's no accounting for common sense where driving is concerned.

If in doubt about clearance don't overtake, just wait a few seconds before safely overtaking.

One life lost is one too many. Drive safely and give plenty of space to cyclists and pedestrians. Remember that could be your child walking or cycling on the road.

Car drivers often complain about cyclists however how many people have been killed on Irish roads by bicycles? I'd hazard a wild guess at zero.

R.I.P. those whom have needlessly passed away on our roadsides......